Spring peepers woke me up

They woke me, because the window is open, because it’s warm.  Two days in a row of sun and warm!  I love hearing peepers.  A new season announced on the farm.  We’re here, we’re here.  Peep.  What’s up?  Peep.  Peep.

A new blog starts now.  How else can I peep?  I’ve not really done this before.  Hello, are you there?

So, what’s up is that lavender is the big deal for us this year.  We managed to successfully take cuttings of almost all of our L. angustifolia cultivars, and they are looking very sweet in the greenhouse right now.  I’m especially excited about the Royal Velvet and Betty’s Blue cultivars, which made some exceptional essential oil in our little glass distiller trial.

Lavender basket

We will offer lavender plants in the farm shop and at the Williamstown Farmers Market. Peep! Another new venture for us.

There’s more lavender events for us through Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE).  We are part of a grant to study various lavender cultivars for essential oil production.  So we will have data on the quality of our Royal Velvet, Betty’s Blue and eleven other named cultivars.  (How many peeps is that?)

What else is new for lavender… a machine that harvests buds very fast and very clean, which means our price can go down.  That’s worth a peep or two, and a “thank you” to Lily Calderwood at CCE.

The lavender photo is from last summer, so I’d like to show a recent photo of a recent addition to the farm.  It’s not a great photo, but she’s so wiggly that this is the only photo not a fuzzy blur.  This is Digal, who recently adopted us by moving into the barn:


She’s barely 5 pounds, but she has a powerful Meow.  (Perhaps she’ll learn to peep.)


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